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Prime Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling strives to share our knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm for designing and building great kitchen and bathroom spaces for home remodeling in Northern Virginia. We create a positive and rewarding environment that empowers our team to innovate and achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

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What Services Do We Offer in Leesburg VA?

Wood Flooring

Kitchen Remodeling Service

Prime Custom Kitchen Bath is a one-stop shop for all your kitchen remodeling and renovation needs in Leesburg VA. We can remodel your kitchen from a complete teardown to just replacing or adding a backsplash, cabinets, flooring, countertops, and more.

Bath Remodeling ideas

Bathroom Remodeling Service

Whether you are interested in small upgrades in your master bathroom or a complete overhaul of your bath, Prime Custom kitchen bath provides outstanding service and impeccable craftsmanship for your bathroom renovations in Leesburg VA.

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General Information About Leesburg, VA

Leesburg, VA is the county seat of Loudoun County, Virginia, which has significant importance in the history of the USA. The name of the town comes from the Lee Family, who are early builders and leaders of the town and great ancestors of the famous Robert E. Lee, Commander of the Confederate States Army. Like the rest of the Virginia State, Leesburg has been an important theater during several different wars including the War of 1812 and Civil War. During the War of 1812, national documents such as the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and portraits of former American leaders were transported to Leesburg, VA, because of the threat of the British Army to Washington. Some historians accept Leesburg as the temporary capital of the United States. Also, as being very close to the Union and Confederate Border (which was the Potomac River), Leesburg was a front line and changed hands between the sides nearly 150 times. These raids devastated the town.

With the proximity to Washington DC, the economical recovery of Leesburg was fast after the Civil War. The development of the town went on continuously and the living standards were increased especially after the Second World War with the great prosperity the United States achieved. The wealth and opportunities at this era also shaped the general appearance and style of the houses of Leesburg. Architecturally, the people of Leesburg tried to preserve the historical view of the structures all the time. So, instead of rebuilding, restoration, or remodeling the houses of Leesburg is more common.

One of the most common home renovation types in Leesburg is kitchen remodeling. Because, people spend more time in their kitchens, and want to make it look more comfortable and fancier. If you are living in this beautiful town and looking for a successful kitchen remodeler in Leesburg, VA Prime Custom is the right answer to you.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Service in Leesburg, VA

If you want to find an experienced kitchen remodeling company near me, the simple answer is Prime Custom. As Prime Custom, we give top-quality kitchen renovation service in Leesburg VA.

Kitchen remodeling is hard work that includes so many different choices for different parts. There are so many kitchen remodel ideas to choose from. For example, there are hundreds of countertops, cabinets, wall, or floor types in material, design, and color. So, it may seem a little bit scary that you will feel lost in many options. But we are a one-stop kitchen remodeling company in Leesburg, VA that you can count on. Our professional team is very experienced in Virginia kitchen remodel styles and we will help you to find your dream kitchen.

Then the rest will be easier because we will do the work and you will reach your dreams in a short waiting period.

Budget Kitchen Remodeling in Leesburg, VA

We can achieve successful kitchen makeovers for every kind of budget. Either it is a small kitchen remodeling in Leesburg or a complete change, we can assure you that you will have unbeatable prices. We are working with the best contractors and suppliers to provide the best service at reasonable prices.

The first step of a successful kitchen renovation is planning. We consider kitchen ideas to find the best choice. Kitchen design ideas show us the right path for our steps. At this step, other than deciding about the styles and materials, we also think about budgeting. We calculate your expenses and compare them with average kitchen remodeling costs in Leesburg VA to provide unbeatable prices. We are serving in Northern Virginia for long years, so sometimes we can reach big opportunities for prices that come from our suppliers. We constantly consider a kitchen remodel cost per square foot in Leesburg, and find the best we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions our customers have asked about Kitchen and Bath Remodeling.

According to your requirements, desires, and budget, we are able to change everything, from a very small kitchen remodeling to a complete kitchen renovation work. There are many things to consider in a kitchen remodeling, such as;

  • At first, construction works (demolition/construction of walls, doors, or windows according to design)
  • Infrastructure works (This includes electrical wiring, heating, plumbing, and other labors.)
  • Structural elements; kitchen floor, wall, ceiling, backsplash, countertop, island, cabinets, lighting.
  • Sinks, faucets, and other kitchen appliances.
  • After installation of everything, painting coating, or refacing walls, cabinets (if not changed)
  • Kitchen hardware and small accessories.

When you first contact us or visit our store, you will tell us what you need, what you want and an estimated amount of money that you want to spend. So, our experts about kitchen renovation in Leesburg VA immediately prepare an initial design and an estimated cost for your project. If you want to proceed;

  • The first step is the meeting. You can visit us at our showroom or just fill a request form to mainly explain what is your desire.
  • We visit your kitchen with our designer and contractor experts to visualize the project.
  • Then we prepare the best design and material choices for the project. When you decide about everything, we complete the final design and start the planning.
  • We take your requests and prepare the perfect working plan for the project. We also get the necessary permissions and start the project as soon as possible.
  • We strictly follow the worktable and finish the job at the time we promised.
  • We trust our materials and workmanship, but if something goes wrong after the delivery, we do everything according to our warranty.

According to real estate experts, the average kitchen remodeling cost in Leesburg VA is around $13,000, but major and higher upscale kitchen remodeling costs can go up to $50,000. So, what about how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Leesburg VA by the size?

A minor kitchen remodeling with some slight changes will cost between $10,000 to $15,000. A mid-scale kitchen remodeling cost at a mid-size kitchen will be around $15,000 to $30,000 with some major changes such as countertop, adding an island and some other appliances.

A major kitchen renovation cost with almost changing everything will be around or more than $50,000. This scale of remodeling includes tearing down the whole kitchen and installing brand new appliances.

At Prime Custom, our first priority is total customer satisfaction. From the beginning to the end, we always consider your needs and desires, help you about making the best decisions, and finish turnkey projects with on-time work schedules. As a kitchen remodeling company in Leesburg, VA, we give service on the renovation of the floor and walls, install or renovate kitchen cabinets, islands, and countertops. We complete our projects with top-quality finishes and create our own kind of art.

For kitchen remodeling in Leesburg, VA, just contact us and get a dreamstyle service at affordable prices.


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