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So many people think that the bathroom is the most important part of their houses. And they pay attention to the bathroom more than the other rooms. Why do they find it very important? Why bathroom is the most important part of the house? Here we give answers to these questions first.

The bathroom may not be the room that we spend most of our time in the home. But it is sure that the bathroom is the most private and maybe the only part of our house that we can be alone. It is the only room for the residents to wait for their turn to use. It is sometimes for getting ready for the day very quickly, or the place that we can relax after a tiring day with a full bathtub amidst candles, soft music, and a glass of champagne.

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A master bathroom remodeling can take 4-8 weeks on average time. If it is a small bathroom, the project can be finalized in a month. But if it is a big bathroom, or there are special orders like a relaxation bathtub, etc., the remodeling project will require harder works like wall demolition, structural changes, and reconfiguration of the flooring. These may extend the project time to 2 months. Of course, different conditions like weather, location, local rules, the average time extended or shortened.

So how much to remodel a bathroom? The average cost of a small bathroom is around $6,500 nationally. But it can change from $1,500 to $15,000. For another estimate, it is around $80 per square foot when you choose DIY, but it is nearly $260 per square foot with a professional contractor. But of course, luxury changes everything, and there are so many quality levels of materials and fixtures. Their prices will change the total cost.

So how to make bathroom remodeling? Most importantly, we care about your life and place, and we assure to add value to your house. What Prime Custom achieves will definitely increase the value, taste, and price of your house. Even if you won’t use your new remodeling, you will see that your house will be more valuable than you spend.

There are so many kinds of bathroom remodel ideas and styles that you can choose from; modern, vintage, old, traditional, classic, and many more. We provide a free initial consultation about the design that you may have for your kitchen. We also offer a 3D model that our best designers prepare.

Our general steps of service are;

  • Our customers have something in their minds when they come to us at the beginning. They have their existing plans, their dimensions, what they generally desire, and their approximate budget. After the first meeting, we create a realistic plan that answers your budget and your dreams.
  • Site-survey. We plan a visit to your place and see everything for ourselves. We review your bathroom and determine the ideas that what can be done. We also arrange a visit to our local showroom that you can see a variety of ideas and materials that visualize your bathroom remodeling.
  • We finalize the details about your bathroom remodeling design, create an exact 3D planning of your new bathroom. You can see the available materials in our showroom that you can choose. And we will make a more exact cost analysis for your project.
  • Final planning. After you decide about everything, we prepare a work schedule about what will be done and when. We initiate the project and stick to the time schedule that we plan.
  • Turnkey, stress-free project. When we accomplish our project, we deliver it to you without any problem and with proper warranties. So, what is left to you is to enjoy your new bathroom or your new spa without any doubt.

So, what do we provide for bathroom remodeling? You can be sure that we have top-quality materials with the best craftsmanship. Our wonderful master bathroom designs provide;

  • A beauty center or a relaxation room for you,
  • A well-planned and effective room to give service to all individuals,
  • The relief of hygiene, peace, and fancy.

So, who do we work with? For the best solutions, we work with the best providers.


  • Fieldstone Cabinets. Leader in the kitchen cabinetry and bath vanity market with a variety of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities to fit all needs and styles, specializing in Custom Cabinets, Painted Cabinets, Glazed Cabinets, and more.
  • Ultracraft Cabinets. Expert manufacturers in providing you with up to 15% more usable space than manufacturers that rely on framed construction.
  • Yorktown Cabinets by Elkay. Nearly limitless an array of styles, wood finishes, and customizable cabinetry to create built-in furniture for the kitchen and bath.
  • Also Cabinets. Leading manufacturers of high-quality European design kitchen cabinets for over a decade, with quality products constructed here in the U.S.
  • Fabuwood Cabinets. With a range of styles, materials, and finishes, unique collections transform modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out.
  • Wolf Home Products Cabinets. Founded in 1843, Wolf produced cabinets featuring SmartShield™ Technology, and a variety of paints, stains, and glazes.

First of all, we begin the day there, and end it up also by using it. It is most likely that the first thing that all the people in the world do is going to the bathroom. According to statistics, people spend an average of one and a half years of their lives in their bathrooms. (Some spend more waiting for their turn) Also, it is the only place that you feel refreshed after this time you spend.

On the other hand, for most people, the bathroom is the only and personal place that they can stand alone. This makes it one of the most productive spaces that a person can focus, think clearly, find solutions or inspirations about the issues in their lives. So, it is not only helping people a room for relaxation but also provides a safe haven for them to use against their problems.

Another very important that a bathroom has is the value that it adds to the house. Water is the most important part of the bathroom, and it is hard to deal with its effects. So, we build our bathrooms with durable materials against the harmful impacts of the water.

And finally, the bathroom is a kind of showroom of a house. It is the indicator of how a house is modern, luxurious, fancy, ordinary, or terrible. Most of the homeowners pride in their bathrooms about how well or luxurious their home are.

So, when we consider the importance of them, people want to have, spend time, or show the best bathroom. As the bathrooms have a relatively shorter lifetime because of the water effects, they require some types of renovation more than other rooms. Now let’s see the reasons that we should remodel our bathrooms.

So why the people of Sterling VA should need a bathroom remodeling? Actually, we have already talked about this above. According to designers and real estate agencies, people should have a bathroom remodeling every four to five years regardless of a big or small process. Because, after this period, you will start to have problems with the fixtures, the colors will start to fade away, and the general design will become to feel outdated.

Also, the average age of the houses in Sterling VA is around 38. If your house is not a new one and didn’t have a remodeling in the close past, you might definitely need a bathroom remodeling. It is up to your money, decision, and tastes; but you should keep in your mind that the general condition of your bathroom has a direct effect on hygiene which is also related to your health.

Other than these, there are also some other reasons for bathroom remodel. First of all, a well-organized remodeling adds great value to a home. According to researches, people earn back 70% of the money that they spend on their bathroom. This is a great deal of a return on investment.

On the other hand, when you have a leaky faucet, or a torn-apart tile on your bathroom floor, having a general remodeling might be a better decision for the homeowners instead of just a small repair. Because, there is no guarantee for the repair, and for the general mood of the owners, a new bathroom might be feeling better.

And finally, the ambiance of the bathroom has a great effect on the general standing of the whole house. The energy that a new bathroom radiates can totally change the mood of the entire house positively.

So, if it is time for a bathroom remodeler in Sterling VA, the best solution Prime Custom is just a click away from you.

Even if you have decided to renovate your bathroom, there are so many issues to consider. First of all, the majority of the houses have bathrooms of more than one. Other than the master bathroom, which is the biggest one, there are guest bathrooms, regular bathrooms, parent bathrooms, or just single toilets. You should decide about which one or ones to be renovated.

Then, you have to decide about is it going to be a complete bathroom renovation/remodeling or just a simple repair. You should think about the pros and cons of all the options, and then make your decision by considering your plans and budget.

As Prime Custom, we can help you with planning, designing, and remodeling your bathroom no matter how to size it is. We provide professional works from beginning to end with top-quality materials and craftsmanship.

We offer;

  • Inspirational design choices,
  • Working with award-winner and top-quality designers,
  • We are National Kitchen & Bath Association Certified Member
  • Also, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Professional Member
  • CLIPP Certified
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Member
  • Top-class craftsmanship,
  • Accessible location,
  • Top-rated project success,
  • Top remodelers for a custom kitchen,
  • Kitchen showroom with a wide variety of selection,
  • Integrated design and build teams

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Bathroom remodeling is one of the most important and challenging parts of home renovation. There are so many important factors and problems in bathrooms such as watering, plumbing, electricity, humidity, etc. Another important factor that you should consider is the environmental conditions. General weather conditions, precipitation, winds, dust, and other similar conditions have a direct effect on the general design, use, and maintenance of the materials, general layout of your bathroom. So, if you are willing to create the best bathroom and use it for many years without problems, you should think wisely, and prefer the best choices.

Of course, all these factors create general characteristics according to locations. As Prime Custom Company, we are located in Sterling, VA, and provide remodeling services to so many surrounding counties, cities, and towns.

For example, Fairfax County, VA is one of the most popular places that we are very experienced and love to service. This historical and famous county has its own bathroom preferences not only at the center but also at its cities like Springfield, VA; Oakton, VA; Clifton, VA; Burke, VA; Great Falls, VA; Chantilly, VA; Herndon, VA; McLean, VA; Reston, VA; Annandale VA; and others. As Prime Custom, we are very strong in this county and we provide the best bathroom remodeling service.

Another different area with a different characteristic is Virginia’s third most populous county, Loudoun. Loudoun, VA has so many common CDPs and cities such as Ashburn, VA; Dulles, VA; Brambleton, VA; Sterling VA; Leesburg, VA and of course so many more. Loudoun County has a great history which also affects the general architecture and designing styles.

Arlington, VA is located on the bank of the Potomac River and it is just across from Washington D.C. Arlington is a generally wealthy place and the average income of this county is above the general country numbers. This is very important on choices about houses, and create its own bathroom designs in the county center and cities like Potomac, VA.

Another common-place that we serve inside Washington Metropolitan Area is Prince William County, VA. Cities like Gainesville, VA, and others have different tile and color choices.

As Prime Custom, we also provide bathroom remodeling services to the Washington D.C. area and Maryland State. Montgomery County, MD and its cities such as Rockville, MD; Bethesda, MD; Gaithersburg, MD are important parts and have their own conditions and styles.

As Prime Custom, we always provide top-quality bathroom remodeling at reasonable prices. If you are living in these counties or cities and trying to find the best remodeling company near me, you can just fill our request form and leave the hard work to us.