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Prime Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling strives to share our knowledge, creativity, and enthusiasm for designing and building great kitchen and bathroom spaces for home remodeling in Northern Virginia. We create a positive and rewarding environment that empowers our team to innovate and achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

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Kitchen Remodeling Service

Prime Custom Kitchen Bath is a one-stop shop for all your kitchen remodeling and renovation needs in Fredericksburg VA. We can remodel your kitchen from a complete teardown to just replacing or adding a backsplash, cabinets, flooring, countertops, and more.

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Bathroom Remodeling Service

Whether you are interested in small upgrades in your master bathroom or a complete overhaul of your bath, Prime Custom kitchen bath provides outstanding service and impeccable craftsmanship for your bathroom renovations in Fredericksburg VA.

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Location Information Fredericksburg VA

Fredericksburg, VA is a historical port city that is nearly at the halfway of capital cities of the state and the country, Richmond and Washington D.C. The distances to both cities are nearly 50 miles. It was located at the midpoint of two capitals during the civil war, which caused two major battles between the sides. Today, Fredericksburg is an important touristic destination where these battles are preserved at national parks.

Life has always been challenging in Fredericksburg when you look from point of view of civil rights. 10.000 African-Americans left slavery for freedom in 1862 at one time and women's rights became an important issue under the protection of Mary Washington, mother of George Washington, who spent her final years in Fredericksburg.

As a historic city, there are so many historic sites and old houses downtown Fredericksburg. This feature also affects the general standing of the houses. In order to make these houses more livable, the best choice is home renovation. And the most important part of this renovation is kitchen and bath remodeling. As Prime Custom Company, we are the best company that provides top-quality remodeling service to the Northern Virginia region and Fredericksburg, VA. For more information, please fill our request form.

Fredericksburg Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Fredericksburg has the characteristic eastern United States climate features, which is named as humid subtropical climate. Winters are cool in this climate and summers are humid and hot. These features have great importance and effect in daily life, choices, and of course home designs. A bathroom remodeling requires wise choices and the right decisions in order to fit conditions. When you are designing a master bathroom or a small bathroom, you should consider the sunlight, humidity, and try to reflect or neglect them while choosing your tiles, shower, or jacuzzi bath.

On the other hand, kitchen remodeling is also very important when we consider the fact that we spend more time in our kitchens. Kitchen remodeling has different parts, such as deciding about tiles, cabinets, islands, sinks, faucets, and other parts. For a dream style conversion with an affordable budget, you should check our website and let us help you to find the best choices for you.

As Prime Custom Company, we provide top-quality service with licensed designers and contractors. If you are looking for a remodeling company near me in Fredericksburg, VA, Prime Custom is the right answer to your needs. As we work with top-quality contractors and use licensed materials, we assure you to have the best quality remodeling service in Fredericksburg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions our customers have asked about Kitchen and Bath Remodeling.

Fredericksburg VA kitchen remodeling cost and Fredericksburg VA bathroom remodeling cost changes according to the size and shape of your space and your needs. Depending on your expectations from the project, the replacement cost also varies.

For example, there is a difference between the cost of a complete kitchen renovation and the cost of just replacing the kitchen cabinet. In addition, the costs of custom kitchen cabinets and semi-custom kitchen cabinets are different from each other.

The same logic applies to the bathroom renovation cost. Depending on your wishes and needs, the cost of bathroom renovation will increase or decrease. You can calculate the average cost using the cost estimator on the website.

If you are looking for a kitchen and bath designer in Fredericksburg VA, all you have to do is contact Prime Custom. Fredericksburg kitchen and bath design require professionalism. So if you need a professional kitchen and bath designer in Fredericksburg VA call Prime Custom for the free discovery services.

Fredericksburg VA kitchen and bath designer works to create better quality and functional living spaces for you. At this point, Prime Custom serves you with expert carpenters and woodworkers for kitchen & bath fixtures, kitchen & bath tiles, kitchen countertops, kitchen, and bath cabinets & cabinetry, appliances innovations.

If you are looking for a kitchen and bath designer in Fredericksburg VA you are at the right address. Your living spaces are safe with Prime Custom.


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