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As we reached the second decade of the 21’st century, life is incredibly different than it was one century ago. Today, people work less time and more comfortably, because machines are doing all the hard work, and there is much more time left to us for spending with our loved ones or to do tasteful things that we like. For example, eating was only a human need and takes only a few times for people in the past. But today, eating is more likely a kind of joyful event or something to socialize. That’s why, we build, remodel, renovate, or create bigger, better, more joyful kitchens in our homes.

As a result of this modern life culture, kitchen remodeling has become an important issue and business for people who live in cities or rural areas. If you are living around Sterling, VA and looking for a kitchen remodel near me, Prime Custom is the right place for you.


Why Choose Prime Custom for kitchen remodeling?

So, you have decided to make a kitchen remodeling. There are two main choices to decide on in the beginning, a DIY kitchen remodeling or a contractor. DIY kitchen remodeling may be more joyful and way much cheaper than the contractor. But there are a lot of requirements about being familiar with the designs, expertise, and so much more time.

Or, you can leave everything to professionals. This method maybe a little more expensive, but you will be sure of the results, and you won’t have to deal with anything. We are dealing with every little detail about your remodeling and make one-stop turnkey projects according to your desires. What we offer are;

  • Inspirational design choices,
  • Working with award-winner and top-quality designers,
  • We are National Kitchen & Bath Association Certified Member
  • Also, the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Professional Member
  • CLIPP Certified
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Member
  • Top-class craftsmanship,
  • Accessible location,
  • Top-rated project success,
  • Top remodelers for a custom kitchen,
  • Kitchen showroom with a wide variety of selection,
  • Integrated design and build teams

How to Remodel a Kitchen?

So how to remodel a kitchen? The most important issue is to add value to your home. What Prime Custom achieves will definitely increase the value, taste, and price of your house. Even if you won’t use your new remodeling, you will see that your house will be more valuable than you spend.

There are so many different kitchens remodel ideas and styles that you can choose from; modern, vintage, old, traditional, classic, and many more. We provide a free initial consultation about the design that you may have for your kitchen. We also offer a 3D model that our best designers prepare.

Our general steps of service are;

  • Our customers have something in their minds when they come to us at the beginning. They have their existing plans, their dimensions, what they generally desire, and their approximate budget. After the first meeting, we create a realistic plan that answers your budget and your dreams.
  • Site-survey. We plan a visit to your place and see everything for ourselves. We review your kitchen and determine the ideas that can be done. We also arrange a visit to our local showroom that you can see a variety of ideas and materials that visualize your kitchen remodeling.
  • We finalize the details about your kitchen remodeling design, create an exact 3D planning of your new kitchen. You can see the available materials in our showroom that you can choose. And we will make a more exact cost analysis for your project.
  • Final planning. After you decide about everything, we prepare a work schedule about what will be done and when. We initiate the project and stick to the time schedule that we plan.
  • Turnkey, stress-free project. When we accomplish our project, we deliver it to you without any problem and with proper warranties. So, what is left to you is to enjoy your new kitchen without any doubt.

So, what do we provide for kitchen remodeling? You can be sure that we have top-quality materials with the best craftsmanship. A well-organized modern kitchen offers;

  • Ease of cooking,
  • Plenty and well-designed spaces for storage,
  • A fancy and tasteful place to get together and enjoy eating together.

We provide these for an open kitchen with high-quality cabinets, a kitchen island, countertops, tile backsplash, and fancy hardware and fixture. We also provide 45-50% off cabinetry, which will make you save more while remodeling your kitchen.

So, who do we work with? For the best solutions, we work with the best providers.


  • Fieldstone Cabinets. Leader in the kitchen cabinetry and bath vanity market with a variety of kitchen cabinets and bath vanities to fit all needs and styles, specializing in Custom Cabinets, Painted Cabinets, Glazed Cabinets, and more.
  • Ultracraft Cabinets. Expert manufacturers in providing you with up to 15% more usable space than manufacturers that rely on framed construction.
  • Yorktown Cabinets by Elkay. The nearly limitless array of styles, wood finishes, and customizable cabinetry create built-in furniture for the kitchen and bath.
  • Also Cabinets. Leading manufacturers of high-quality European design kitchen cabinets for over a decade, with quality products constructed here in the U.S.
  • Fabuwood Cabinets. With a range of styles, materials, and finishes, unique collections transform modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out.
  • Wolf Home Products Cabinets. Founded in 1843, Wolf produced cabinets featuring SmartShield™ Technology, and a variety of paints, stains, and glazes.


  • A combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that are extraordinarily hard and resilient.
  • Made of pure, natural quartz and feature unparalleled strength and durability for a nonporous, scratch and stain-resistant, maintenance-free surface.
  • Blended at a ratio of up to 93% natural quartz aggregates with pigments and polymer resins.
  • Durable quartz surfaces skillfully combined with timeless marble design patterns
  • Corian Quartz. Comes in a variety of hues, tones, and colors for every design sensibility and specialized application.
  • East-West Marble. Available in a huge variety of colorful natural and exotic stones including marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, soapstone, and porcelain.
  • Marble Systems. Quarried and processed to exacting specifications using the latest manufacturing technology and produced in a wide variety of specialized surface finishes.
  • Cosmos Granite & Marble. More than 800 granite products in its inventory line with numerous color patterns of the natural stone in stock.

Tile Backsplash/ Flooring

  • Stone Solution + Design. Tile and mosaic distributor of high-quality domestic and imported products including glass, natural stone, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, slate, and mosaics.
  • Ceramic tiles, innovative ceramic mosaics, wood look tiles, and the recently added extra thin and large laminate porcelain tiles.
  • Atlas Marble & Tile. Selection of porcelain, ceramic, and marble tiles, marble borders, glass, and marble mosaics, and 40 colors of grout, caulk, and setting materials.
  • Best Tile. Natural stone, glass, metal, and mosaic, and more from Spain, Italy, Brazil, England, Turkey, Mexico, and the U.S. in a variety of designs, shapes, and materials.
  • Marble Systems. Quarried and processed to exacting specifications using the latest manufacturing technology and produced in a wide variety of specialized surface finishes.
  • Glazzio Tiles. Vibrancy and depth of color combined with the reflective quality of glass results in a unique and dramatic effect.
  • Largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the U.S. Coffering ceramics, mosaics, porcelain, quarry tile, and a variety of stone products.
  • For more than 100 years, Bruce has brought the beauty of hardwood into American homes with quality hardwood and laminate flooring products.


  • Top Knobs Hardware. Offers the industry’s most extensive line of premium quality cabinet, drawer, and kitchen knobs pull, and other hardware, for all tastes and styles.
  • Hardware Resources. Diverse Hardware Resources product lines include decorative cabinet hardware, decorative carved wood products, and functional cabinet hardware.
  • Atlas Homewares. Impassioned designs with a variety of inspired colors, textures, and compositions for perfect touches to any kitchen.

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Schedule a Free consultation with our designer



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We will create perfect Design for your new kitchen



Transform Your Kitchen with Our licensed installers


Our Showrooms

Sterling VA Showroom

Our showroom in Sterling do a lot of things in recreating your house, which includes kitchen remodeling, bath remodeling, basement remodeling, and more. When it comes to a modern remodeling, our designers can effortlessly achieve that.

Fredericksburg VA Showroom

Our showroom in Fredericksburg got your back for house remodeling needs that fits perfectly with your expectation. With Prime Custom, you will have a hassle-free means getting a new face for your home.


It is not correct to give an exact price for the cost of a kitchen renovation. Because every kitchen is different from each other and the renovation processes required for every kitchen are also different from each other. That’s why we can provide free remodeling service to your kitchen by contacting a kitchen remodel contractor. With our free discovery service, we decide how you want the change in your kitchen should be.

It is very easy to achieve the kitchen design you dream of with Prime Custom. Because it helps you with the lowest budget in terms of kitchen renovation costs. Our company, which is very useful for those who want to renovate the kitchen with a low budget, makes more functional living spaces for you at the most affordable price.

To get a clear price on the cost of kitchen renovation, just call us. The decisive points here are the choice of tiles, the choice of countertops, the choice of kitchen cabinets, and many more different details. Therefore, please contact us for detailed information about the cost of kitchen renovation and reach the kitchen of your dreams as soon as possible.


The most expensive part of a kitchen renovation job is the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are the most important detail that makes a kitchen look beautiful. That’s why the kitchen cabinet is the most costly part of the kitchen renovation process. The most important part of your budget to renovate your kitchen will be spent on kitchen cabinets. The value of a kitchen with a renovated kitchen cabinet will increase considerably. Because the kitchen is the most functional part of the house and most of the day is spent in the kitchen. So it should be regular. Cabinets are the furniture that will keep a kitchen organized. Therefore, kitchen cabinets should be of high quality, long-lasting and functional.

To have a kitchen cabinet that will collect all your kitchen utensils, all you have to do is contact the kitchen renovation company Prime Custom.

People who want to renovate their kitchen need to get some permission. For example, a permit is required for the renewal of electrical and plumbing installations. As Prime Custom, we assist you in this regard and guide you on how to obtain the necessary permits. At this point, you can get detailed information by calling us for complete kitchen renovation processes.

In addition, you do not need to get any permission for processes such as kitchen cabinet renovation or painting, or countertop replacement.

The permit documents to be obtained vary from city to city. Therefore, you can get detailed information from us about the region you live in. Prime Custom supports you not only in kitchen renovation but also in every area you need.

3 or 5 weeks.

Kitchen renovation time varies depending on many factors. For example, if only the kitchen cabinet will be changed, this period will be shorter. But if a complete kitchen renovation is to be done, the time is longer. The complete kitchen renovation period varies between 3 and 5 weeks. Depending on the intensity of the work to be done, our team will let you know how long the kitchen renovation period is. After making a kitchen discovery, our team delivers your dream kitchen to you as soon as possible in line with your needs.

If you need quality remodeling work from the kitchen you need to contact Prime Custom. Our team will offer you the best quality service with the most affordable replacement costs. Our company serves you in many different areas such as home renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, basement finishing.

You can watch the videos of the houses we have renovated before on our website and have detailed information about our company. If you are looking for a quality kitchen renovation contractor, Prime Custom is the right address for you. You can take advantage of our free discovery support for the cost of a kitchen renovation.

Having a new kitchen has many benefits. For example, with a new kitchen, you can shorten the time you spend in the kitchen. Because you will have a more organized and functional area of ​​use in the newly built kitchen. This will help you get your work done in less time and faster.

In addition, the sales value of the house with a new kitchen will increase. In other words, you will add value to your home with a kitchen renovation. This will help you sell your home for a much higher price when you sell it. In addition;

Benefits of kitchen remodeling;

  • The value of your home will increase.
  • You will be able to sell your house faster.
  • You will be able to sell your house for a higher price.
  • You will save money in the long term.
  • Your comfort zone in your home will expand.
  • Old and dirty areas will be cleaned.
  • You will be able to move more comfortably while cooking.
  • You will be able to spend more time happily in your kitchen.
  • You will cook in a safer kitchen with renovated installations.

According to HomeAdvisor, an average kitchen refacing cost ranges between $12,000 to $35,000. For a rough comparison, a small kitchen remodel can cost as little as $4,000 while a lavish remodeling price can rise to as much as $50,000+.

More;  Kitchen renovation cost estimates

A general kitchen remodeling project takes 6-8 weeks on the average time for a moderate-size kitchen.

But if the remodeling project has a larger space and includes hare works like wall demolition, structural changes, and reconfiguration of the flooring, the project will take more time.

Although it is up to different conditions like weather, location, local rules, an average time will be like 10-12 weeks. But of course, this is the duration for a custom kitchen renovation.


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