Kitchen Design Checklist

Kitchen Design Checklist

Kitchen plans: Kitchen design that appeals what are you looking for

The first step to a successful kitchen remodeling is to think about what you want in your dream kitchen. To help you understand some of the key decisions you will need to make we have prepared a simple kitchen design checklist to walk you through getting started.

Getting started: Kitchen design checklist

  • Do you need to have your new kitchen ready for a particular date or event? Time Frame
  • Think about the style of kitchens you like – traditional, transitional or contemporary? Kitchen Style
  • What sort of budget are you working with? Set Accurate Budget
  • Are there any special design features you want to include? Layout Changes
  • Handles versus Finishes- Matte finish is preferable for a more modern, streamlined look
  • What size pantry is on your wish list?
  • Do you have any particular needs you want your kitchen design to incorporate? For example a small desk or extra storage area
  • Do you have preferences when it comes to appliances or would you prefer us to recommend options?
  • What are you looking for in your counter top – durability, value, and look?
  • Is your kitchen part of a larger space or self-contained? This will help determine the design and color choices you make
  • Do you have any color sample you need to match – bring them along to your showroom visit and we can show you how they could work together in your new kitchen layout
  • Which way do you prefer to work in your kitchen? To the left or to the right? This will help us create a perfectly functioning kitchen to suit your particular preferences
  • Take a picture of your current kitchen space before you visit us so we can get a better understanding of what’s possible based on the kitchen size, your budget and timeframe or set up in home consultation to go over the space

Put together a scrap book of different kitchen designs, colors, counter tops, doors and finishes you like as this will give us a clearer idea of what your dream kitchen looks like.