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You have been living happily in your house for several years, but life is going on, conditions are changing and these new conditions is forcing you to make new decisions. Your family is growing and your beloved house is not enough for you anymore. So, in the beginning, you have two choices; adapting your house according to your needs, or moving to a new house. Both choices have pros and cons, and you should consider them according to your needs, budget, and desires.

If your choice is to move out, you will have to look for new places, mortgage, and deal with moving. But if you want to reshape your house, you will have some kinds of remodeling; kitchen, bathroom, living room, or full remodeling. But, if space is not enough, you will need some kind of a home addition.


Why Choose Prime Custom for Home Addition Service?

Home additions, as you can understand from the name, is more than remodeling, that you are adding some new parts to your house. This is a model that you can choose for detached houses because you need to own an exterior estate to enclose and add it into your house. There are many home additions types, such as a small bump-out, a middle dormer, or a huge second floor. All these choices have positive and negative ways.

How to add an addition to your home?

After you decide about not moving and have an addition, the next question will be can I build my home addition? Can you DIY or do you need to hire a contractor? A DIY home addition is definitely cheaper and more convenient (if you have enough time and skills), but this method will require more time, and effort to accomplish.

Or, you will find home addition contractors and leave everything to the professionals. They will come up with different home addition ideas, you will decide, they will prepare home addition plans, and make the job. What will be left to you is to wait, pay for the job, and enjoy your new house. Prime Custom Company is an experienced home remodeling and home additions near me company at Elkridge MD, and service to the neighborhood area such as Sterling, Mclean, Leesburg and other closer cities. We are one of the best home additions Virginia company that you can work with.

Types of Home Addition

There are different groupings of home addition types at different sources, but we can categorize them into three in general. First, making a home addition for a new room or rooms near or inside your existing house. Secondly, building up inside your house, such as adding a second floor. And finally, a conventional house addition, which is building a new space near the house for any kind of purpose. It is a new room which is permanently open to the existing house. Generally, after a conventional home addition, the new room will be the new part of the house.

So, what are the types? As Prime Custom Building Company, these are the most popular examples that we build.

Kitchen Addition

Most houses have old-fashioned and relatively smaller kitchens when compared to modern kitchens. Today, kitchens are not only a place that we cook, they are the room that we eat, spend time and get socialize. So, we need bigger kitchens. If you have enough space in your estate, it is possible to build your dream one with a kitchen addition.

Mudroom Addition

A mudroom is a space that is at the entrance of your house where you can take off and place your shoes, coats, hats, and other related stuff. It is very beneficial to keep the rest of your house clean by leaving all the wet or muddy clothes in this area.

Bathroom Addition

Bathrooms are private places and generally existing ones will not be enough as your family grows. So, you can create a new place, or turn a closet into a new bathroom. The most important issue is to consider the infrastructure of the house such as electrical, water, plumbing, heating systems. Placing your new bathroom in the most suitable spot will make you save money from building new installments and will protect you from possible future problems.

Home Office Addition

During these pandemic days, so many more people started to work from home and more people understood the benefits of a home office. If you don’t have one in your house, you can choose a silent space and turn it into a home office.

There are several other room addition choices. As Prime Custom, the most common other room additions that we build are;

  • Living room
  • Family room
  • Media room
  • Playroom
  • Movie theatre room
  • Basement
  • Game room

Bump-Out Addition

Bump-out is basically extending the outer wall or edge of the house in order to add extra space to a particular room. The most beneficial way of this addition is that you won’t need foundation work for a bump-out. But the space that you can add is also limited with the edges.

Sunroom Addition

A sunroom, as you can understand from the name, is an enclosed area, which is enclosed with more glasses than walls. It is constructed either by enclosing an existing porch or building a new place at the entryway.

There are different types of sunrooms according to the insulation level such as a three-season sunroom, four-season sunroom, or a solarium. The purpose of these rooms can be various such as only a living space, to a room that you can grow plants.

Dormer Addition

Adding a dormer at the highest level of your house will create a great view, and a lovely space to use. Generally, adding a dormer requires high-level craftsmanship that you should hire an experienced roofing contractor.

Second Story Addition

Second story addition is a huge work and generally costs so much. Either adding an extra bedroom or a bedroom, by second-story addition, you can double up your space in your house. Also, you can create an independent part with a different entrance. Although very expensive, second-story addition will add so much value to your house.

As this is a complicated process and requires a high level of experience, we highly recommend that you should hire a contractor for this kind of addition.

Garage Addition or Conversion

If you need a new garage or you need extra space for other types of rooms, you can add a new garage or turn the existing one into a room. All these works are called garage addition or garage conversion. You can enclose an adjacent or a detached space for a garage. Both of them have pros and cons. For example, an adjacent garage would be easy to reach, but a detached one would help to keep the dust of a garage away from your house.

These are the most common types of home addition types. The rest is up to your needs and money. So, home addition cost becomes very important for this choice. “How much does a home addition cost?” or “how to finance a home addition” are the main issues that you have to deal with.


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